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I am continuing to work on stuff. But, I am also busy keeping my container fig trees happy. I had them in cold storage/ old house's basement from November to January. I also have some container Asian persimmons in my house under a grow light.
I am not liking how my Ryoko piece for my "Ryoko and Ayeka posing" looks. I am going to be redoing that one and redoing Ayeka, I want to base Ayeka off of Miss China from "Spirit of Wonder, The Shrinking of Miss China."
In my latest drawing:
Hinata has medium-sized feet.
Tenten has large-sized feet.
Temari has XXL-sized feet.
I will probably make stories about this alternative universe.
Tematen's Feet Relaxing by TemariTentenLover
Tematen's Feet Relaxing
Temari and Tenten relaxing on their off days from work.

They are a couple after Temari having a divorce. Temari is a mechanic and Marital Arts teaching at a community college, while Tenten is a policewoman and weapon shop owner.

Tenten's shop has guns, self-defense weapons, marital arts weapons, airsoft pellet guns, and paintball guns.

Hinata is Tenten's twenty-year-old daughter. In this alt. reality, Neji is Hinata's and Hanabi's dad, not cousin. Tenten is a lesbian, but Neji was so close to her friend-wise he didn't want to have kids with anyone else at the time. He cares for Hanabi, while Tenten cares for Hinata. (Cares means custody-wise. They both love both their daughters the same.)

Hinata goes to community college, but has to take a PE class and gets stuck in one of Temari's classes. Hinata and a friend (DOA Ayane) make fun of Temari and almost get a failing grade in Marital Arts class. Hinata is 18 at the time she almost gets kicked out of Temari's class.

Two-years-later, Hinata finds out the Temari is Tenten's new girlfriend and almost loses it.
Temari and Hinata rip on each other all the time, pissing off Tenten as she is always stuck in the middle of arguments and fights.

In this picture, Tenten and Temari are relaxing, while Hinata's in the nearby TV room talking to Ayane on a cellphone headset. Hinata says stupid things without noticing she is being listened to.

Hinata: They are both so old, they can't hear what I am saying to you. Every time Baa-chan             takes off her socks her stinky feet make the paint on the walls peel off.

Hinata means Temari is Baa-chan, Hinata calls Tsunade, "Super Baa-chan."

Hinata: But mom's feet aren't that much less stinky, her feet make flowers wilt.

Temari: She's making fun of us again!

Tenten: Just ignore her.

Hinata:  How does Baa-chan have feet that big? If feet are called boats, she has battleships.


Tenten: Don't yell, just ignore her.

Hinata:  Baa-chan probably has big feet because she's a mutated test-tube baby.

Temari's mom, Karura was having trouble conceiving a baby. Being over 40-years-ago, fertility drugs weren't in stock at Tsunade hospital. Tsunade decided to try an experiment with using a jutstu to created blank sperm, she put her DNA into the blank sperm and implanted them into Karura's eggs. Tsunade put the fertilized zygotes in Karura's uterus and one took and became baby Temari. 

Hinata:  Being a test-tube baby is probably why she is so ugly looking.

Ayane and Hinata make fun of Temari's looks.

Temari: She is pissing me off.

Tenten: She going to get lectured when she's off the phone, just try to ignore her.

Temari is not fond of being a test-tube baby, and resents Tsunade. Temari also has a bad temper from Tsunade's side.
Francis's Feet by TemariTentenLover
Francis's Feet
I asked Jitenshasw if I could draw the cute cop Francis. She said, "Go for it."

One of Jitenshasw's characters from the comic "My Pet Girlfriend 3."

It will be a transformation sequence of Francis turning into a monkey-girl.
I am currently working on another Ryoko and Ayeka piece.
I am also working on a Kagura from Inuyasha piece.

I want to make a Tenten piece. Majin Tenten making Temari worship her feet. And, Fat/Mister Buu turning Sakura more into a cartoon version of herself.

I also want to make more DOA pieces, Leifang foot expansion.


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I'll see if I can find some more that I like enough to post. I had to replace a hard drive a few years ago in my computer and I lost some of the drawings.
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