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September 20, 2012
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Author Note: This is a foot fetish story of Ino getting her feet worshiped. If it you aren't into fetish stuff, please don't read. For the people that do like these stories, enjoy. :)

         Eighteen-year-old Naruto Uzumaki was walking down the street, when he noticed something in the road, "What's this?" Naruto asked as he looked at the coupon. "Alright…Free ramen coupons." Naruto bent down to grab the coupons. When Naruto bent over, someone hit him on the head.

         "Wake up," Ino said. "I know that you can hear me."

         "What's going on?" Naruto said. "Why am I tied to a chair? Why am I in the middle of the road?"  Naruto was confused about the chair, the road, and everybody looking at him.

         "It's a public foot worshiping scene," Ino said. "Everyone's going to watch you worship my feet." Ino declared.

          "I don't really want to do that," Naruto said. "I have a date with Hinata."

          "That's tomorrow," Ino said. "I already checked. And, I'm not telling you who told me about your date." Ino grinned.

          "If you're going to make me do this, can't we be somewhere more private?" Naruto asked.

           "Nope," Ino said as she sat on Naruto's lap. "This's going to be really fun."

          "I don't know about that," Naruto said. "Choji says that when you make-out, you tend to get really mean."

           "You idiot," Ino said as she smacked Naruto on the head. "I'm aggressive, not mean. There's a difference."

          "I don't really see a difference between the two," Naruto said.

           Ino got up and cracked her knuckles, "Do you want this to be a public funeral?"

          "No," Naruto gulped. "Just don't pay any attention to what I'm saying."

           "I knew you would see it my way," Ino said. "Here's the fun part." Ino said as she slipped her left sandal off her foot.

           "Man," Naruto complained. "What did I get myself into?"

          "Take a whiff," Ino said as she put the sandal up to Naruto's nose.

           "I don't really understand the point," Hinata interrupted. "Why foot worship? Why sniff sandals?"

            "Hinata," Naruto said. "What are you doing here?"

            "I...w...was going shopping and notice you," Hinata said.

           "Hinata, this is between Naruto and myself," Ino said. "Please leave."

            "What's the deal with sniffing your sandals, I don't get it," Hinata said as she sniffed Ino's sandal. Hinata was holding the sandal. "Ahhhh," Hinata said as her face turned light green. Her eyes started to water, and Hinata fainted.

            "Oh come on," Ino said. "My feet don't smell that bad, I'm not Temari." Ino said as grabbed her sandal from Hinata's hand.

           "Man," Naruto said. "If all the rumors about Temari's feet are true, I would hate being Shikamaru."

            "What are you mumbling about?" Ino asked as she turned her attention to Naruto again. "Take a whiff of my sandal," Ino said.

             "Not interested," Naruto said.

            "Take a whiff," Ino said as she smashed the sandal into Naruto's face.

            "Eww," Naruto said. "That stinks."

            "I know you like the smell," Ino said. "You'll love the smell of my feet." Ino grinned at Naruto.

             "What are you doing?" Tenten asked Ino. "Why are you torturing Naruto?"

             "Back off, Bun-Head," Ino said. "It's none of your business."

              "Ino," Tenten said.

             "Tenten, everyone knows that Neji won't touch your feet, so you have to get your foot massages and feet worshiped from Temari," Ino grinned.

             "That's not true," Tenten said as her face turned red.
             "I hear you and Temari do other things besides foot worship," Ino snickered at Tenten. "Is Temari your girlfriend?" Ino snorted as she laughed.
"I have nothing else to say." Tenten said as she left in a hurry, she was extremely embarrassed.

            "Sorry about the interruption, Naruto," Ino said. "Here's my right sandal," Ino said as she put her sandal up to Naruto's nose.

             "It smells as bad as the other one," Naruto said.

             "How about smelling my feet?" Ino asked as she kicked the chair over, Ino sat on Naruto's stomach and put her feet in his face.

             "Oh man," Naruto said. "They smell worse than the sandals, get away from me."

             "They smell worse than they taste," Ino grinned. "Kiss my soles." Ino said.

             "No," Naruto said.

            "Kiss them," Ino said.

            "No," Naruto said.

            "Kiss them, or I'll smother you will my feet," Ino said as she was getting agitated.

            "Fine," Naruto said. "Muah," Naruto said as he gave Ino's soles a weak kiss.

            "That's not a kiss," Ino said. "Kiss each of my toes." Ino demanded.

            "Sure....o...ok," Naruto said as he started to kiss Ino's toes. He gave a somewhat decent kiss to each of Ino's toes.

             "You're going to pretend that each of my toes are little Hinatas," Ino said. "You're going to make out with each of them."

             "Oh man," Naruto complained again. "I could be eating ramen right now."

             "Get to work," Ino said. "Smooch."

             "Fine," Naruto said as he made out with each of Ino's toes. Naruto's lips were starting to get dry, since he used all his saliva to kiss Ino's toes.

              "Suck on my toes," Ino demanded. "Treat my toes like they're little dumb-dumb suckers, don't bit." Ino grinned.

              "Ahhh," Naruto complained as he put Ino's big toe in his mouth, he then proceeded to the next toe, until he had sucked on all of Ino's toes.

              "Lick my soles," Ino said.

              "How long do I have to do this?" Naruto asked.

              "Until I say that you're done," Ino said. "Get licking."

               "Ahhhh," Naruto said as he ran his tongue up and down Ino's left sole.

              "That feels great," Ino said. "If you stop, I'll stab you in the stomach with a kunai."

               "MMMMM," Naruto said as he continued to lick Ino's left foot.

               "Don't talk with your mouth full," Ino said. "A few more seconds, and you can move onto the right foot." Ino pulled her foot away from Naruto's mouth.

                "I have to do this again?" Naruto asked.

                "Yes," Ino said as she put her other foot in Naruto's face. "Start licking."

               Naruto ran his tongue up and down Ino's foot. It took Naruto awhile to lick all of Ino's big, stinky long sole. Naruto kept running his tongue up and down Ino's foot, he felt like his tongue was going to fall off.

                "Time for a break," Ino said as she put her sandals back on. Ino went to Ichiraku's and came back. "I bought you some lunch." Ino said as she took her sandals off and started to put her stinky feet in Naruto's ramen bowl.

               "What are you doing?" Naruto asked.

               "Seasoning your ramen," Ino said as she mixed the noodles and soup base with her toes. "Try it." Ino said as she feed Naruto some ramen.

               "Eww," Naruto said as he choked down the ramen. "It tastes like your foot odor."

               "Huh?" Ino said as she tried some ramen. "Ok, I need to wash my feet more often."

               "No more," Naruto said. "I want to go home."

               "Not yet," Ino said. "How about some dessert? Temari gave me this idea." Ino said as she picked up some chocolate pudding and whipped cream.

                "Where did you get those?" Naruto said.

                "These were stored in a little refrigerator," Ino said. "The frig was near here, people use it to store their lunches when to go to work." Ino said as she smeared chocolate pudding on her soles, she put whipped cream on her toes.

               "What?" Naruto asked.

               "Foot pudding," Ino grinned. "You don't leave until you clean my feet. They have to be sparkling clean."

                "At least the chocolate gets rid of the foot taste," Naruto thought to himself. "I wonder why it didn't work with the ramen though." Naruto was licking the pudding off Ino's soles, and then he started to suck the whipped cream off Ino's toes.

                "Oh wow," Ino said. "My feet are clean. There's only one more thing that you have to do," Ino said as she cut Naruto free.

               "What's that?" Naruto asked.

               "Rub my feet with your hands," Ino said.

               "Fine," Naruto said. "At least I don't have to lick them anymore." Naruto thought to himself as he rubbed Ino's stinky feet.

               "Want to hear a funny story?" Ino asked.

               "What?" Naruto asked as he ran his fingers up and down Ino's long, silky soles.

               "Temari's feet are so big that she has to special-order her sandals," Ino laughed.

                "How big?" Naruto asked.

               "Size 15 US, or 48 European," Ino said. Japan-size is a 31."

               "How do you know all the different sizes?" Naruto asked as he started to massage each of Ino's toes.

                "She sometimes has to order shoes out of the country," Ino said. "She told me so."

               "Huh," Naruto said. "Wait a minute that means her feet are about 12 inches long, whoa." Naruto thought about how big Temari's feet would be, when Ino yelled at him.

               "DON'T FOCUS ON TEMARI'S FEET," Ino screamed. "FOCUS ON MINE."

               "You don't have to scream my head off," Naruto said as he restarted to massage Ino's feet.

               "Sorry," Ino said. "Kiss all my piggies goodnight again, and you can go," Ino said.

               "Man, haven't I been through enough already?" Naruto asked.

               "What?" Ino asked as she made a fist.

               "Nothing," Naruto said as he kissed each of Ino's toes.

               "Can Naruto worship my feet?" Temari interrupted. She had just finished a mission as Sand Village ambassador. Temari had left a teahouse for lunch and noticed Ino in the street tormenting Naruto. Temari had overheard Ino's conversation with Naruto.

               "No, no, no," Ino said. "He needs to go home, not feeling good." Ino put her sandals back on.

               "Come on, it won't take him that long," Temari said as she took off her sandals. "Take a whiff," Temari said. "I've been using foot deodorizer."

              "Ok," Naruto said since he was foolish enough to listen to Temari. "Eww, ahhh." Naruto's face turned green, and he passed out.

               "Ok, fine," Temari said. "I ran out of my deodorizer a few weeks ago."

               "Temari," Ino said as she pinched her nose. "Maybe, you can have your feet worshiped, when you get more deodorizer." Ino said.

               "That's fine," Temari said. "I just go ask Tenten." Temari left to find Tenten.

              "Naruto," Ino said. "Are you ok? Can you hear me?"

               "I had the worst dream that I smelled something really horrible," Naruto said.

                "Yeah," Ino said. "Don't worry about it, just go home."

               "I still don't know why you like people sniffing your shoes," Hinata said.

               "You're conscious again?" Ino asked. "Hinata quit playing dumb; everyone has seen you sniffing Sakura's sandals and feet."

               "That's not true," Hinata said as she blushed. "I need to go home." Embarrassed, she started to sprint home.

               "I need to go also," Naruto said.

               "That's fine," Ino said. "I know where to find you if I need you again."

               "Oh," Naruto whimpered as he left for home. He could hear Ino laughing at him.
Naruto characters.

A story request that I made for Kiddric a few years ago. My old account and his old account are both deactivated.
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